Immediately chargeable implants IHDE DENTAL


„ For me implantation begins where others give up”

                                                               Prof. Dr. Stefan Ihde


What are dental implants?

Dental implants or artifical tooth roots are screw made of titanium alloy that are inserted by the doctor into the jaw  bone to the place of teeth lost or removed because of different reason. After the insertion and integration lasting for months the crow or the bridge are fixed on these screws or the otherwise  moving prosthesis is kept stable.

IHDE Dental based in Schwitzerland celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2014. It distributes its product in almost 50 countries , sold more than 1 million implants thus restoring the quality of life for several hundred-thousand of patients.

Dental implants of IHDE Dental meet the requirements of the highest international quality expectations and have certificates that quarantee the saf use of IHDE Dental implants in any  countries-Made in Swiss.


What are the advantages of IHDE Dental?

Innovations of IHDE DENTAL implants protected by multiple international patents decrease the treatment period of implantation from years to a few days.

Even those patients can be supplied with dental implants and with fixed replacements who would be rejected by dentists and dental surgeons working with coneventional methods or could be treated only by long and complicated series of surgeries.

There is no need for bone grafts or for using artifical bone replacements inserted surgically. This significantly decreases the price of the intervention.

Prosthesis fixed on IHDE Dental implants provides total loadability and perfect cheweing function immediately.


What problems do IHDE Dental implants provide solutions for?

If you have one or more missing teeth and you would not like to have your intact teeht abraded or to wear prosthesis.

If you feel that your quality of life has changed because you have to wear a removable denture which is uncomfortable,you cannot  get used to it because it is always moving and brings you into inconvenient situations.

If your old  bridges need to be changed  but the teeth below them are not suitable for further treatment.


What is different about the Immediate Loading Implants of Ihde Dental?

However more and more doctors ,research and development and manufacturing companies recognise that there is no  nedd for the healing of implants  in all cases to be able to put crown or bridge on them yet in most clinics the 3-6 months healing period is awaited.

IHDE Dental implants are developed for almost 20 years to radically decrease the treatment period.Besides dentistry and oral surgery they considerably lean ont the method of immediate loading acknowledged and applied in traumatology for a long  time.

Most of the implants consist of one singe piece, there is no connencting item between the artifical rooth and the supraconstruction(crown or bridge) that could loosen or so called micro-gap where bacteria could settle what may lead to the loss of the implants.


Can the immediate loading implants be used in my case?

YES!Our researches and statistics prove that IHDE Dental implants can be used in 99% of patients. According to our long-term follow-up studies the success rate can reach 99%, the life span of implantations can be ever 25 years if appropiate conditions are maintained and neither diabetes nor smoking are excluding reason.


How is teh entire treatment performed and how long does it take?

During the first examination an X-ray is performed in all cases.If the doctor feels it necessary he/she makes sure also by CT-image where the IHDE Dental implants can be inserted and discuss the treatment plan with you.

At the set appointment the insertion of the implants is performed,what is an outpatient surgery, then right after the impression is taken.

In the optimal case this can be followed by a frame probe within 1-2 days and after 3-6 days you can leave with the final or long-term temporary fixed prosthesis. ( If your doctor can only insert a temporary fixed replacement for you,it is cahnged to a prosthesis that meets your requirements better after 6 months.)


What kind of guarantee do I receive for the implants?

The manufacturer assumes 5-year guarantee for the implants.Please consult with your doctor about the terms and conditions.